Posted on Sep 2, 2019

A Trend may be a general direction in which something is developing or changing or basically something everyone is doing a mainstream habit may be a trend.

The funny thing is as much as people shy away from aging and specifically Old age, the new trend now  has become old aging but relax, its not literal as people including, teens, kids, and even celebs are now engaging in this new set trend of changing or applying filter to make them look 60 years older.


it’s the smart work of the Face app that can present an image of what you might look like in 60 years. You just place a picture of yourself or whoever you'd like to see old then, get an edited one out through the Faceapp. The app uses different algorithms and filters to make the person look around more than 60 years older, How cool is that? But in recent days this app has not only gotten the common people’s attention but also has taken the Pakistani celebrities by storm, as a majority have been seen uploading their filtered old age photos with funny and sarcastic captions

Time may come for us all, but it came to a lot quicker over the last few days, In the spirit of the face app challenge, people are sharing photos of themselves looking much older than they are, many among us are wondering what on Earth is this trend and how are people creating their old age photos. Well, they are not! it’s the handiwork of the FaceApp that can present an image of what you might look like in 60 years. You just input a photo and get an edited one out using different algorithms and it didn’t only take the regular user’s attention but also have the celebrities gone crazy! Our favorite celebs now are seen uploading their favorite old age pictures with hilarious and sarcastic captions.

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