Interesting video viral of Dwayne Johnson with his daughter

Interesting video viral of Dwayne Johnson with his daughter

Hollywood's highest-grossing actor from WWE Champion Dwayne Johnson the Rock released a video on Instagram that went viral immediately.

In this video, the actors are teaching their one-year-old daughter Tia to wash their hands while also singing on Disney's successful animated film, 'Moana'.

Sharing the video, the actor wrote in the caption: "This must be done before taking a bath, Tia wants me to sing her part of the song Moana movie you are Welcome, which I sang. During that time I wash his hands'.

He further wrote that 'I realized a few days ago that with this song, children can be taught to wash their hands easily'.

The Rock also gave its fans a message of being healthy and safe.

Dwayne Johnson's daughter Tia was born in April 2018.

Dwayne Johnson married singer Loren Hashian last year, and they have two daughters, Jasmine and Tia.

It should be noted that due to the lockdown in many countries due to the Coronavirus, people have been locked up in their homes and actor Dwayne Johnson is also having a good time at home with his family.


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