Indication of Hamza Ali Abbasi's Return to Showbiz

Indication of Hamza Ali Abbasi's Return to Showbiz

Posted on Sep 28, 2020

Hamza Ali Abbasi, who withdrew from the showbiz for a long time in November 2019, hinted at returning after less than a year. Speaking on the private TV Express reality comedy show 'Kasoti Online', he revealed that he is currently working on 2 different showbiz projects.

When asked by host Ahmed Ali Butt about leaving the showbiz, Hamza Ali Abbasi clarified that he did not say goodbye to the showbiz but took a break. Hamza Ali Abbasi revealed that he is currently working on two showbiz projects and he is trying to get the said projects completed soon and through these projects, he will return to showbiz.

Hamza Ali Abbasi did not specify what kind of two projects he was working on, but he confirmed that he was working on showbiz projects and would return to showbiz soon. Actor and director Gohar Rashid also joined Hamza Ali Abbasi in the program and both of them played a game in which Hamza Ali Abbasi was the winner.

After Hamza Ali Abbasi hinted at returning to showbiz, it is thought that he will return to the screen in early 2021, but it is too early to say anything in this regard. At the same time, there are rumors that he may return with a religious program, but Hamza Ali Abbasi himself did not elaborate.

By the time Hamza Ali Abbasi announced his long withdrawal from Showbiz, his upcoming action film The Legend of Maula Jatt was in the final stages of completion and now the shooting of this film has been completed.

However, its release was delayed due to copyrights and the subsequent Corona epidemic, but it is now thought that they will likely be released later this year or early next year.

Actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan will also be seen in action along with Hamza Ali Abbasi in The Legend of Maula Jatt.


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