Indian actress Jaya Bhattacharya shaves her head

Indian actress Jaya Bhattacharya shaves her head

The coronavirus has caused partial lockdowns in many countries and people are trapped in their homes.

At such times, people are also very active in helping each other, and Indian actress Jaya Bhattacharya is one of the people who are at the forefront of helping people infected with the coronavirus.

However, the actress, while helping people during the lockdown, made a decision that surprised her fans.

The actor released a series of videos on his Instagram account in which he said that she used to go out of the house to help people and distribute rations to the needy, but every time she returned home, she took precautionary measures and took a bath. They also clean their hair.

But the actress said that she would have wasted a lot of her precious time cleaning her hair, which is why she decided to shave her head.

In the video, the actress said that it was very difficult for her to take care of her hair, so she made this decision and thought about how far I could go during the lockdown.


"I sweat a lot because of my hair. I have to go out of the house to feed my driver and others. I can't sit in the AC all the time and just take care of my beauty," he added. So I can't give up all this work, so I will resort to wigs, that's why wigs are made.

According to Jaya Bhattacharya, throughout her career, she has valued acting more than beauty. She has never cared about how she looks, so shaving her head is not a difficult task for her.

The actress also said in the video that her children would be very angry with her for doing so, but now she has made this decision.


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