India: Female sells her hair for Rs 150 for children's food

India: Female sells her hair for Rs 150 for children's food

India: Female sells her hair for Rs 150 for children's food
A widow in Salem, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, sold her hair for just 150 rupees to feed and starve a small number of children.
According to an Indian newspaper, Times of India, the widow of Salem city's widow, 31-year-old Prima, had three young children hungry for several days and appealed to the family for financial help, but no one helped.
According to the report, after not being helped by the family and relatives, the woman sold her hair for only Rs 150 to a person who came to the area to buy hair.
According to the report, the man who bought the hair told the woman that his hair would be made of 'wig', after which the woman shaved her head on the spot and sold the hair for Rs. 150.
Out of the 150 rupees found after the sale of the hair, the woman bought the food for the children for Rs 100 while the surviving Rs 50 also attempted suicide by buying pesticides.
According to the newspaper, when the shopkeeper refused to give the medicine to the woman, the woman tried to end her life with other toxins, but she was rescued by her sister and later the story was shared by the local graphic designer on social media. People helped the woman.
The report said that after the graphic designer shared a photo of the woman shaving her head on social media with the children, several people helped the affected woman and got Rs 1.5 lakh.

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The lady thanked the graphic designer who shared her story, as well as all the people who helped her.
The report states that the husband of the woman committed suicide some time ago when she was deceived by her relatives during the business.
The woman and her husband used to work on brick kilns on a daily wage, but later her husband tried to get some business, but she was betrayed by her acquaintances, and after being wasted money, he was heartbroken. Committed suicide.



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