In the T20 World Cup, 70% of spectators will be allowed to sit in the stadium

In the T20 World Cup, 70% of spectators will be allowed to sit in the stadium

The T20 World Cup, which starts in the UAE this month, will allow 70% of spectators to come to the stadium to watch the match.

According to Reuters news agency, the organizers said that the situation due to the storm in Oman, which is hosting the first round of the World Cup, remains to be reviewed after which a final decision can be made. On Sunday, Typhoon Shaheen hit the coastal areas of Oman, including the capital, Muscat, where the preliminary round of the tournament is set to begin two weeks later on October 17.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) said in a statement that about 3,000 spectators would be allowed to come to the Emirates Stadium in Muscat, even though the storm had flooded the streets of Muscat and evacuated coastal areas. And flights are delayed.

The 16-team tournament was moved to the United Arab Emirates due to rising cases of the corona virus in India. The ICC said it had worked with the BCCI and local authorities to ensure that fans were welcomed in a safe environment and that Code-19 protocol was applied everywhere. Be done The ICC said the T20 World Cup is the largest sporting event in the region and the largest ever to be held in a stadium with spectators.

He said a maximum of 70 per cent spectators would be allowed to sit in the stadium in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), while Abu Dhabi banned a maximum of four spectators from sitting on its eastern and western grass dunes. So that the restriction of social distances can be enforced.

The hosts of the final match on November 14 will host matches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The UAE is still hosting the Indian Premier League, where spectators are allowed to sit in small numbers.



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