In order to avoid getting married, the man-made his own kidnapping drama

In order to avoid getting married, the man-made his own kidnapping drama

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

In order to avoid getting married, the man-made his own kidnapping drama
Colombia: Someone says that some people get married and some people get married. The news from Colombia does not know whether they were getting married or whether they wanted to get married themselves, but it has been learned that there was a man who planned his own abduction to avoid the marriage.

According to details, the date of marriage of a 55-year-old man to a local woman was set in Palmetto, Colombia. The wedding ceremony was supposed to be in the presence of his family and friends, but a few days before the wedding, his intention changed and at a party of close friends he mentioned that he did not want to get married.

Seeing their plight, friends said that kidnapping for ransom is common in Colombia, so why not pretend to abduct a couple of days before their wedding so that the event can be avoided.
Friends consulted together and made a plan, and two days before the wedding, Phillito called the local police and told them that some armed men on the motorcycle had abducted their friend, who was married two days later.

Contrary to their expectations, the local police showed up and went all out in search of the "abducted bride." After the initial setbacks, police officers figured out that the move was made by a large and organized group that they simply did not have to fight. So he contacted the Colombian Army, a special unit dedicated to investigating such incidents.

When the army along with the police started searching for them and the search operation intensified, the friends realized that the matter was now moving beyond the limits and they should tell the law enforcement agencies the truth.

Thinking he reached the police and told the truth of the abduction. A case has been registered against a fugitive bride and her friends for allegedly wasting police and army resources. It is estimated that they could carry up to six years in prison on this offence.

On the other hand, the police have also hidden the realities of their abductor, because if they knew about them, they might face anger and hatred by the public. It is also learned that the accused has refused to marry another woman, even a few days before, by agreeing to marry another woman.

The unmarried bride and her family, too, are in deep shock at the mob's move because they were harsh on local police and the army for "not recovering the abductor."



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