In London, Uber driver's inappropriate behave with Sonam Kapoor

In London, Uber driver's inappropriate behave with Sonam Kapoor

Posted on Jan 17, 2020

In London, Uber driver's inappropriate move with Sonam Kapoor
Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has revealed that the driver of 'Uber', an online travel services company in the British capital of London, has behaved inappropriately with her.

Sonam Kapoor complained of inappropriate behaviour of the 'Uber' driver at a time when she complained about the irresponsible behavior of a UK government airline a few days ago.

Sonam Kapoor complained to British Airways via a tweet on January 9 this month, saying the airline had disappeared for the second time.

In his tweet, he wrote to British Airways for the mansion that the airline had disappeared for the second time in the same month and the actress had warned the airline that she would no longer travel with them in the future.

Following the airline's inappropriate behaviour, Sonam Kapoor has now complained of inappropriate behavior of the 'uber' driver in London, as well as warning her fans not to travel with Uber to London next.

Sonam Kapoor wrote in her tweet that 'while travelling with Uber in London she was terrified and shaken by the inappropriate driver's behavior'.

After being tweeted by the actress, people inquired of her and asked what had happened to her.

The actress also gave answers to a few fans and told fans and people not to travel with Uber to London in the future and if she did, she would already take precautionary measures.

The actress advised people to travel in private and public cars in London.

Following the actress's tweet, 'Uber' also apologized to them and asked the actress to send them details of the incident with her email and phone number.

On the question of Uber, the actress replied that she tried to complain to Uber immediately after the incident but she failed and Uber needs to update her system to register the complaint and now with her. Had to be done, nothing can be done now.

After complaining of the driver's inappropriate behavior on the part of the actress and speaking of extreme fear, many people tried to find out what the driver did with the actress, but the actress did not explain.


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