Imran Abbas Gets 'Headache' after Watching Pakistani Movie

Imran Abbas Gets 'Headache' after Watching Pakistani Movie

Posted on Nov 4, 2019

Popular actor and film actor Imran Abbas admitted in his Facebook post that he had a severe 'headache' while watching a recently released new Pakistani film. Imran Abbas himself has also appeared in Pakistani and Indian films. He also thanked him that he was not part of the new release.

Imran Abbas criticized the film's story, photography, dressing, and makeup without mentioning the name and cast of the new movie being released in his Facebook post. Imran Abbas says that after watching the three-hour movie, he realized that he wasted his time and in the meantime, he tried to find something specific to the film that could convince him why he saw the movie. They failed to find any such reason.

According to the actor, where the story of the new movie was very bad, it was filmed badly and the dressing of the actors was poor. He claimed that after the aforementioned film, the Pakistani film industry went back many years and because of this, people will once again turn away from Pakistani films.

The actor wrote in his post that he was not writing anything about the name of the film and the team to show his heart, but he is confident that people will understand his gestures. Imran Abbas wrote that "the signal is enough for the wise."

It may be recalled that recently 2 Pakistani films 'Kaf Kangana' and 'Darja' were released and both the films were below expectations. Both films were released on October 25 last month, and it is thought that both films will be able to make a record, but both have been slow.

The story of 'Kaf Kangana' revolves around occupied Kashmir in the context of Pakistan-India relations, while the story of 'Darj' revolves around man and woman.

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