Imran Abbas Called the News of His Marriage to Alizeh Shah a Rumor

Imran Abbas Called the News of His Marriage to Alizeh Shah a Rumor

For as far back as a couple of days, bits of gossip about entertainer Imran Abbas and Alizeh Shah's marriage have been flowing via web-based media. It was being accounted for on different online media sites and YouTube channels that the two have begun arrangements for their wedding and the pair of shows will likewise get one, all things considered.

It may be recalled that Alizeh Shah and Imran Abbas had worked together in the drama serial 'Jo Tu Chahey' and the duo was highly appreciated by the audience. In addition, some comedy videos of the two went viral on social media, after which the news started circulating that Imran Abbas is going to tie the knot with Alizeh Shah soon.

Now, however, actor Imran Abbas has dismissed rumors circulating about his marriage as baseless. The actor broke the silence on the news of his marriage to Alizeh Shah in a story released on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram. He had shared a screenshot of YouTube videos based on his marriage claim to Alizeh Shah and rejected it.

Actor Imran Abbas, while posting the screenshot, wrote that baseless rumors have been circulating on YouTube this week. It may be recalled that Imran Abbas had played the lead role with Alizeh Shah in the drama serial 'Jo To Chahey' in 2019 and the tick-tock videos of the two made on the set also went viral. Recently, Imran Abbas had answered the questions of the fans on Instagram.

Fans asked Imran Abbas about his education, including his marriage, the girl of his choice, and his beauty, and the actor revealed that he had completed his bachelor's degree. A user had asked the actor to express his desire to see their wedding, on which the actor wrote 'Me Too', meaning he also wants to see his own wedding, but so far the actor has not done so. He told when and with whom he would marry.


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