Important announcement via video by renowned YouTuber Irfan Junejo

Important announcement via video by renowned YouTuber Irfan Junejo

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

The renowned YouTuber Irfan Junejo is popular with fans because of his Vlogs but has now announced that he will not be making any more V-logs.

Irfan Junejo, who has subscribed to 8.72 million users on YouTube, has partially said goodbye to YouTube.

He released a video on YouTube announcing that making vlogs is no longer the focus of his life.

“I no longer attend any events or awards ceremonies, I have quit using Twitter, I now use the camera a lot less, as my reputation is increasing,” said Irfanam Junejo. Well, I'm getting away from the world and the weird thing is that I like it all. '

He added, "I started creating vlogs because I loved watching vlogs, through which I fulfilled my greatest desire, but nowadays, to be famous in the Internet era. It's easy but it's hard to get your identity. '

According to Irfan Junejo, he gained a lot of fame by making vlogs but now he is suffering from self-esteem and anxiety.

He said it began when the number of his subscribers on YouTube exceeded 5 million.

According to youtube, the reason behind their day being miserable is probably logging.

Irfan Junejo said, 'I am making this video because I want to tell everyone that I do not like to make vlogs anymore, I am not saying I will not put any video on YouTube, ever. So I'll make vlogs, but creating vlogs is no longer my focus.

"I will make what I make from my heart, which will make me happy," he said.

YouTube has titled this video 'I Quit' (I'm leaving)


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