If I Weren't a Singer, I Would Be a Cricketer, Asim Azhar

If I Weren't a Singer, I Would Be a Cricketer, Asim Azhar

Posted on Jan 18, 2021

Singer Asim Azhar is one of the emerging singers of the Pakistani music industry and he is also very popular among fans. Fans of Asim Azhar may have wondered or asked him what would have happened if he had not been a singer? But even if they thought so, let them know that they have answered it themselves.

Recently, Asim Azhar posted a video on his social media accounts while playing cricket in which he was seen batting hard. In the caption of his post, he wrote, "If I weren't a singer, I would probably be a cricketer."

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Asim Azhar also shared this in his Instagram post, Story, and also tagged the official Twitter account of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

He wrote in his story that the PCB should stop ignoring this talent.

Cricketer Shadab Khan appreciated and commented on the video shared by singer Asim Azhar. He wrote, "Is this batsman available for Pakistan Super League (PSL)?", To which Asim Azhar replied, "If you are the captain."

On the other hand, cricketer Azam Khan, commenting on Asim Azhar's post, wrote, "Why are we kicking the poor in the stomach?"

Replying to which Asim Azhar wrote that people know that you also have more guitars than Bates.


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