"I Will Come Solo in the Next Drama So That I Will Also Married" Usman Mukhtar

"I Will Come Solo in the Next Drama So That I Will Also Married" Usman Mukhtar

The news of the engagement of well-known actress Sara Khan and singer Falak Shabbir came to light yesterday, with which their wedding celebrations also started. However, the people started remembering Usman Mukhtar once again. The engagement was announced by the two celebrities by sharing photos and videos on social media in which Falak Shabbir offered marriage to Sara Khan which she accepted and wore an engagement ring.

Shortly afterwards, however, pictures of the couple's henna went viral on social media and fans were seen cheering and congratulating the new couple. There were some fans who started making memes on actor Usman Mukhtar on this occasion and said that "this guy with whom come in the drama gets married".

It may be recalled that Usman Mukhtar had done his first drama 'Anna' with Naimal Khawar, soon after which Naimal got married to actor Hamza Ali Abbasi. In this drama, fans liked the duo very much. There were also some memes on social media in which fans expressed the wish that Naimal Khawar should have married actor Usman Mukhtar and not Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Reacting to public comments, Usman Mukhtar even said, "Naimal is like my sister, our marriage was not possible." Similarly, now with Usman Mukhtar actress Sara Khan, we are seen in the TV drama Sabaat in which Sara, Mawra and Usman are playing the role of Dr Harris, and now Sara Khan has also got engaged.

However, Usman Mukhtar not only made fun of the joke but also appeared to be commenting on it and in his Instagram story he also wrote that "I will come solo in the next drama so that I too can get married".


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