I Want Dua and Zaheer to Never Be Separated, Hira Mani

I Want Dua and Zaheer to Never Be Separated, Hira Mani

Actress Hira Mani has expressed her wish and said that she prays that Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed never get separated.

On July 25, when Dua Zahra moved from Lahore to Karachi, the actress expressed her wish in her Instagram story that Dua and Zaheer would never be separated.

She wrote in a short post that she wants Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed to never separate.

At the same time, the actress wrote that she is sure that God will surely hear her prayer.

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Even before Hira Mani, several personalities expressed their opinion on the issue of Dua Zahra's marriage and serious reservations about her marriage at a young age.

According to most showbiz personalities, Dua Zahra was kidnapped and married off at a young age, and the government and the police remained silent spectators in this story.

After Hira Mani expressed the above wish, people criticized her severely, and her name continued to trend on Twitter on July 26.

Most people severely criticized the actress and wrote that she needs mental health treatment; now that it has been proven that Dua Zahra was kidnapped and married at a young age, why is the actress saying this.

Most people questioned Hira Mani's mental health and said she needed treatment.

It should be noted that Dua Zahra was transferred from Lahore to Karachi on July 25 on a court order.

Dua Zahra had reportedly gone missing from her home in April this year; later, she came to light when she allegedly got married to Zaheer Ahmed, a resident of Punjab.

Her mysterious departure from home and marriage of choice created a huge scandal, and later, there was a controversy regarding his age.

Dua Zahra and Zaheer Ahmed were produced in court several times by the Punjab and Sindh police, and each time the girl stated that she was living with her husband and receiving threats from her parents.

There was also a dispute regarding Dua Zahra's age, and in the first medical examination conducted by the court, her age was 17 years. In contrast, in the second medical examination, her age was stated to be 16 years.

From April to July, Dua Zahra stayed with her husband in other parts of Punjab, including Lahore. She has repeatedly stated in interviews that her parents wanted to force her into marriage and even tortured her and still threatened her. 

However, in the first week of July this month, Dua Zahra's father, Ali Kazmi, filed a petition in the Sindh High Court to transfer his daughter from Lahore to Karachi, after which the court ordered to transfer her to Karachi.

At the time of being transferred to Karachi, an application was also submitted in the name of Dua Zahra in the Lahore court by Jibran Nasir, the lawyer of Ali Kazmi, the father of Dua Zahra, in which a statement was made on her behalf that now their relationship The husband did not get on well with Zaheer Ahmed.

After all the operations, Dua Zahra was transferred to Child Protection Center Karachi on July 25, and the possibility of her husband Zaheer Ahmed's arrest has also increased; however, she has obtained pre-arrest bail orders from the courts. 

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