I Pray 'The Legend of Moolah Jat' Earns Rs 200 Crore, Mustafa Qureshi

I Pray 'The Legend of Moolah Jat' Earns Rs 200 Crore, Mustafa Qureshi

Posted on Oct 12, 2022

Mustafa Qureshi, who played the role of the villain 'Nuri Nath' in the popular Punjabi film 'Moolah Jatt' of the past, has wished the team of the new film 'The Legend of Moola Jatt' and prayed that the film would make Rs 200 crores.

'The Legend of Moolah Jat' should be released soon; the said film is a new version of the old film, and the characters and the film's story are kept the same.

In the new film, Hamza Ali Abbasi plays the role of 'Nuri Nath' while Fawad Khan plays the role of the hero Moola Jat'.

Talking to 'Geo Digital', Mustafa Qureshi said that his film was made with less than 30 lakh rupees, but his film was made rich by the viewers at that time and continuously for four and a half years. It was played in cinemas.


He also thanked filmmaker Bilal Lashari and producer Amara Hikmat and said that, in a way, the new film is a tribute to him and the late Sultan Rahi.

According to Mustafa Qureshi, his previous film was Gharibana, while his new film is Ameerana.

He said that he has heard that the new film costs Rs 50-60 crore, and he is praying that 'The Legend of Moolah Jat' earns Rs 200 crore.

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