I never raised my hand on Fatima: Mohsin Abbas Haider

I never raised my hand on Fatima: Mohsin Abbas Haider

Pakistan's renowned actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has been the focus of the media for the past few years due to his personal life, not his work.

The ongoing dispute between Mohsin Abbas Haider and his ex-wife, Fatima Sana Sohail, has not gone unnoticed, and now the actor has spoken openly in one of his interviews.

Mohsin Abbas recently became a part of Waseem Badami's show where he revealed that his life is now going better than ever.

"Life is going better now, all the cases I was accused of are over, only one Article 506 is being debated in court," he said.

Questioning his son's monthly expenses, he said, "I was ready to pay the monthly expenses and had already talked to Fatima in this regard and the next day after talking to them, a court notice came to me that every month, 50,000 rupees will be given to his son.

The singer said on his wife's allegations that 'my anger was very sharp but I never raised my hand on Fatima'.

In his interview, he also criticized Gohar Rashid and Dua Malik, saying that in my view they are not big names, they tried their best to take advantage of this situation.

It may be recalled that Mohsin Abbas Haider had also revealed in the past that he was suffering from depression.

In this regard, he said, "I have struggled a lot, lived alone in Karachi for many years, I lost my mother, my mother had raised me very dearly; if she had, she would have seen it all over again. Dies, so maybe what happens is for the good '.

He added, 'My mother is very satisfied with me and has gone out of this world; after she left I am lost, I will meet her mother soon.

On the death of her daughter, the actor and singer said, "My professional life has always been very successful, but personal life has suffered a lot, my daughter died in my hands".

According to Mohsin Abbas Haider, he has no regrets with his life.

In a message to her ex-wife Fatima Sana Sohail, she said, "All I want to say is that she should be happy and do what she has always wanted to do".


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