I must suffer from anxiety but not ashamed

I must suffer from anxiety but not ashamed

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

I must suffer from anxiety but not ashamed
The renowned Pakistani actor Adnan Malik revealed on social media a few days ago that he never wanted to be an actor because he was suffering from anxiety and anxiety and now actress Mawra Hocane also revealed that he was suffering from incest. Are.

The actress talked about the situation through a post on her Instagram account and gave fans some tips.

Mawra Hocane shared a clip of her play 'Daasi' and described how she dealt with mental health problems and how she is now taking care of herself.

In her post, Mawra wrote that 'one year ago I found out that I was suffering from insanity but now I am not ashamed of it.

"Now this is part of me and now I am able to solve the problem in a better way," he said.

According to the actress, "Now when I suffer from anxiety, I do not run away from my family or friends, I share with them and I feel that I have become stronger already, I am saying all this. That those who suffer from incest should know that they are not sick and do not feel ashamed of this condition. '

Mawra Hocane also revealed that I was going to the therapist to resolve my problem, who told me that the more I feared, my situation would get worse and on that day I decided Do not be afraid of your own condition anymore.

According to the actress, in 2020 she can easily tell when she is suffering from insanity and can easily control it.

She drinks lots of water and spends time in worship controlling this situation without any help.

He wrote a message to his fans, "Anyone who is reading this post and suffering from insomnia, should seek the help of a therapist or family member, even if they feel broken, knowing that they are brave. Crying does not mean that he is weak and improves every new day.

Remember that last year, Marwa's sister actress Urwa Hocane also revealed on social media that she is suffering from depression.

However, the two sisters also said in an interview that in their view dietary choice was the only reason for depression, after which they were subjected to severe criticism.


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