I Have Never Done Anything for My Husband, Nadia Hussain

I Have Never Done Anything for My Husband, Nadia Hussain

Nadia Hussain, a Pakistani model and actress, has stated that she has never done any job for her spouse and that it is not the wife's responsibility to perform her husband's work.

Nadia Hussain recently appeared on the private channel ARY News to address a variety of topics, including her job and personal life. Nadia Hussain's reaction to her husband's participation in the programme has gone popular on social media, with Nadia Hussain herself sharing the video footage on her Instagram account.

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Nadia Hussain's explanation of the viral footage of maid mistreatment may be found here. "Is it the role of a woman to undertake her husband's work?" the show's host questioned Nadia Hussain, as seen in the video. Nadia Hussain responded by saying that it is not a woman's responsibility to do her husband's work.

"Have you ever done your husband's work?" the presenter asks. "I have never done anything for my spouse because he is not my child but my life partner," Nadia Hussain responded. "In our society, a woman performs all the labour for a man, whether she is a mother, a sister, a wife, or a daughter," the host responded, "and it is considered bad if a man does his own thing." Is'.

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"This is entirely wrong," Nadia Hussain responds, "and I have not brought up my children since our society expects women to do all of the job that men do." "It is not bad for a wife to feed her husband," the model continued, "but it is wrong for a guy to compel his wife to perform his work."

Nabila Maqsood and Nadia Hussain are embroiled in a feud over a stolen make-up recipe. "I am against the assumption that the wife should perform her work first and then do the same on her husband's orders," Nadia Hussain remarked.

Nadia Hussain was seen cursing and swearing at a housemaid in a video that went viral earlier in July. Hussein then gave an explanation for the video, claiming that the viral video of him scolding the maid was part of a larger effort.


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