I have been a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse, JK Rowling

I have been a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse, JK Rowling

Posted on Jun 12, 2020

JK Rowling, 54, a British writer, novelist, and human rights activist who rose to fame from the fantasy Harry Potter novel, has revealed that she too has been a victim of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the past. JK Rowling's revelations have taken everyone by surprise and this is the first time she has made such a big revelation about himself.

The revelation by the well-known novelist comes at a time when she is being criticized for making controversial remarks about transgender people on social media. Although JK Rowling has been criticized for the past six months, criticism of him has recently increased after she made controversial remarks about transgender people in a few of her tweets. The author of Harry Potter shared an article on June 7 and tweeted that people who used to have menstrual periods in the past, they were called (female) (girl) (women), someone will help her in this regard.

The author shared a link to the article, which discussed the health of menstruating women and said that they need special attention in recent days of the epidemic.

JK Rowling's tweet was considered anti-transgender and was criticized. JK Rowling tweeted further after the self-criticism began, in which she spoke openly about transgender people and said that she has been concerned about understanding their issues since she was young.

She made it clear in her tweets that she respects the rights of transgender people and is aware of their sexuality, but at the same time she touched on sensitive issues in her tweets.

She wrote in a tweet that sexuality cannot be denied and if sexuality is really useless then homosexuality also has no meaning and then every woman loses her importance and if sexuality is eliminated then world the importance of the lives of many human beings will also disappear. JK Rowling wrote in tweets that people who hate transgender people actually believe in sex.

Following the novelist's tweets, she was further criticized by Daniel Redcliffe, the hero of the films based on her novel Harry Potter, who made it clear that transgender women were in fact, women. Following her self-criticism, JK Rowling has now written a lengthy essay on the subject, in which he speaks openly for the first time about her personal life, including the issue of sexuality. According to AFP, JK Rowling said in a nearly 4,000-word article on her website that she also likes to talk about transgender issues because, many years ago, she was also involved in the issue.


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