I don't understand traditional relationships, Saba Qamar Interview with Samina

I don't understand traditional relationships, Saba Qamar Interview with Samina

Posted on Jun 1, 2020

Leading actress Saba Qamar had recently revealed in her YouTube video that 8 years of her life were ruined due to an improper relationship with a man in the past.

Saba Qamar had revealed in the video that she had been in a relationship with someone for 8 years but the outcome of this relationship was very bad.

"From a very young age, girls are taught that even if they die, they will never leave the first man in their life, the same sentence ruined their 8 years of life," she said.

According to Saba Qamar, she was mistreated and later released to another woman.

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"He lied to her, mistreated her, humiliated her, and later apologized. This relationship was important to her because she was thinking about marriage," she said without naming anyone.
That's why she kept it for 8 years thinking that he would get better, but he didn't get better but it destroyed her mind.

And now, in an interview with actress Samina Pirzada, she spoke openly about relationships and love.
At the moment, there is no one in her life whom she can make a part of her life, but she loves everyone with respect.

In response to a question, Saba Qamar said that she would like to make a partner of a person who is happy with himself, he is not afraid of anything like her.

The actress said that love should be unconditional, there should be no transactional issues and that is why she does not understand traditional relationships.

Explaining the traditional relationship, Saba Qamar said that people have already decided that marriage should be done at such an age, children should be born at such an age and it should be done at this age and it should be done at this age.

She asked what happens? And people are living but they have to live life, they have to live in every moment.

The actress said that she does not want to marry anyone and she has been abusing, beating, and dying all his life as his mother lived, she is afraid to live such a life.

Saba Qamar said that she is afraid of relationships in which there are fights and quarrels.

During the interview, Saba Qamar also spoke on feminism and said that all she knows is that men and women have equal rights and it is also wrong to think that if five sisters have one brother, then all five Sisters should not be responsible.

Saba Qamar added that she is no longer afraid of social media and why should she be afraid? According to her, she is no longer afraid of people and their fear or panic will not end the fear.

During the interview, Saba Qamar also talked about working with Bollywood actor Irfan Khan in the Hindi medium and said that she learned a lot from Irfan Khan and was suddenly offered to work with him in the film.


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