I Career a Rumor Was Spread That I Was a 'homosexual', Gohar Rashid

I Career a Rumor Was Spread That I Was a 'homosexual', Gohar Rashid

Leading actor Gohar Rasheed says that most of the actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry consider each other as a threat to themselves while opportunities are created due to more relationship with talent.

Gohar Rasheed along with model 'Getty R' participated in Noman Ijaz's show 'G Sarkar', where the two talked openly about showbiz and fashion industry and said that the situation in the industry is changing, but still the traditions of the past. Ongoing. Gohar Rashid said that she has also heard such rumors in showbiz that when an actor or actress flops, she accuses others and claims that they have been subjected to 'black magic'.

According to the actor, most of the actors talk about blaming others for their failure. Gohar Rasheed also spoke on the use of social media and its negative and positive effects and said that sometimes her discussions on important social issues are also misunderstood and criticized.

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Answering questions in a program, he said that Kubra Khan, Shehzad Sheikh and producer Mahesh Waswani are his best friends in the industry. Answering a question, Gohar Rashid admitted that he learned a lot while working with Saba Qamar, Yemeni Zaidi and Kubra Khan.

Gohar Rashid said that if he was asked about his choice, he would always choose a negative role. In response to a question, Gohar Rasheed revealed that a rumor was spread about him at the beginning of his career that he was 'gay' and he still laughs when he hears the news about himself. In response to a question from Noman Ijaz, Gohar Rashid said that he was not talking about the entire industry, however, many actors and actresses consider each other a threat to themselves and consider themselves insecure.

Talking about the same topic, he also said that the big and old actors in showbiz are also producers, so now there is more work because of relationships rather than talent. At the same time, he acknowledged that the showbiz industry was slowly changing, and that it was no longer possible to find work just because of relationships.

In the same program, model Geeti Ara also spoke openly about the fashion industry and revealed that Karachi models are similar to Lahore models. According to Geeti Ara, if a Lahore model goes to Karachi to attend a fashion show, the models there steal the clothes of Lahore models shortly before the catwalk and put bad clothes in their place.

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He alleged that there were 'lobbies' in Karachi who were not happy with the Lahore models working there. He asked why this is a war between Karachi and Lahore in the fashion industry. Giti Ara admits that she doesn't know much about the acting and drama industry yet, as she has only recently stepped into acting.


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