I am with you today and not too: Irrfan Khan's Last Message on Twitter for fans

I am with you today and not too: Irrfan Khan's Last Message on Twitter for fans

'I'm with you today and not', This was the last message of Bollywood actor Irfan Khan to his fans which was shared on Twitter in February this year.

The last film of the actor, who died on April 29 at the age of 53 in a Mumbai hospital, was English Medium.
 He could not participate in the promotion due to health problems and a special message for fans was recorded and released on Twitter.

The message has now gone viral on Twitter since his death.

In this message, he said, "Hello brothers, sisters, I am Irfan." I am with you today and not.

He said, "English medium is very special to me. I wanted to promote this film with as much love as I made it, but there are uninvited guests inside the body, talking to them as if You will be notified.

He added, "There is a saying that when life gives lemons, make squash from it. It sounds good to speak, but when life holds lemons in hand, it becomes difficult to make squash."

"But in order to be positive in life, you have a choice and we made this film with that in mind," he said.

After saying a few words about the film, the message ended with the words 'Treat each other well and wait for me'.

It may be recalled that Irfan Khan was diagnosed with Neuro Endocrine Disease in March 2018 and he was shifted from India to the UK for treatment.

At the time, Irfan Khan had said on social media that he had been feeling unwell for the past several days and that he had initially learned that he was suffering from a dangerous or contagious disease.

However, she clarified that it was not yet fully known what disease she was suffering from and what stage she had reached.

But when the disease was confirmed, the actor posted a heartbreaking message on Instagram and said in a tweet, "I found out that the doctor has diagnosed a neuroendocrine tumor, which is certainly a difficult stage, but his The love and strength of those around me has given me hope.

Irfan Khan's mother had also died in Jaipur, India a few days ago and the actors could not attend his mother's funeral due to a lockdown caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Now, the Mumbai Times, a sub-newspaper of the Times of India, tweeted that Irfan Khan's last words were the same: "Mother has come to pick me up."

It should be noted that these words were not confirmed by Irfan Khan's family but it is also circulating on social media.


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