Humayun Saeed pleads in court for dialogue of 'Do Takky ki Larki' in Mere Pas Tum Ho

Humayun Saeed pleads in court for dialogue of 'Do Takky ki Larki' in Mere Pas Tum Ho

The play, which ended on January 25 this month in 'Mere pas Tum ho,' although the protagonist Humayun Saeed died of a heart attack and the whole nation made various memes on social media over his death in the drama.

However, now the court summoned Humayun Saeed, who plays the role of 'Danish', to speak in a dialogue abusing women in 'Mere Pas Tum ho'.

The Sindh High Court summoned not only Humayun Saeed but also the playwright Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar on the request of Sana Saleem, and the court ordered the PEMRA and other related agencies to submit a reply by February 13 next month.

In the Sindh High Court, a lawyer named Sana Saleem filed a petition saying that 'Mere Pas Tum ho' was shown to women negatively and false dialogue regarding women was played in the play.

The woman's plea was heard in the Sindh High Court on January 29, in which the lawyer of the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and private TV channel ARY appeared alongside the woman's lawyers.

A two-member bench comprising Justices Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Yusuf Ali Saeed of Sindh High Court heard that the petition was also filed in the Lahore court of the said play and whether the applicant was merely part of the play. 21 or does the last episode matter?

Upon the court's inquiry, the woman's lawyer told the court that the role of the woman in the play was made, the petition does not mean any objection to the episode and the applicants do not want to seek a ruling but the applicants are against the script of the play.


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The court has asked Pemra's lawyer if there is any way to monitor the play, do you have any sensors in the house? To which Pemra's lawyers stated that such a forum was available to Pemra, whose policy, according to policy, should be in the realm of language and visual ethics.

Applicant's lawyer told the court that the dialogue used a 'Do Takky ki Larki' dialogue for women in the play, and now that dialogue has become very popular.

The court was told that the play stated that people are killed in Karachi for Rs. 30,000. In the play, the image of Karachi was also shown as bad. The court inquired whether the applicant went to a forum before the court. The court also said that the petitioner should have approached the relevant forum first.

On the court's inquiry, the counsel for the petitioner told the court that he had come to the court only to give instructions to Pemra, on which the court said that if unethical sentences were used in the play, it was not the instruction but the process.

The court said that it was necessary to first see if such an objection was made in the play. The court also asked why the person who spoke in the play did not come. At which the private TV lawyer said that the next hearing will be presented to dialogue actor Humayun Saeed.


Humayun Saeed's wife builds a relationship with the rich by betraying her in the play - screenshot
During the hearing, the applicant also told the court that 'Mere Pas Tum ho' depicts a woman.

The court later adjourned the hearing on February 13 to the next hearing of the play's main actor and producer Humayun Saeed and writer Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar.

It may be recalled that a woman filed a petition against the 'Mere Pas Tum ho' in the Civil Court of Lahore to hold the final episode of the play, however, the court rejected the request to stop the play from being broadcast.

In addition, a petition was filed against the play in the Islamabad High Court, but the play was shown not only on TV but also in cinemas on January 25, and in the last episode of the play, the death of the central actor, Danish, was posted on social media.

In the play, the role of Danish was played by Humayun Saeed, whose wife Mehwish (Ayza ​​Khan) leaves him after being betrayed as poor and builds a relationship with a rich man Shawar (Adnan Siddiqui) who is already married.


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