Humaima Malick on Fire

Humaima Malick on Fire

Posted on Sep 2, 2019

Humaima Malick an eminent name in the Pakistani media industry famous for various dramas and movies named Bol and Dekh magar pyars. Recently this star has been a part of a controversy where she bashes out Momina Mustehsan the famous Afreen Afreen singer, Where Humaima Malick says that Momina has been misusing her power says and using “parchi” to get her work done.

The vocal actor reveals how two performances at the award show were ‘dropped out’  last minute in order give the chance to Mominas boring and forced performance.

She personally feels late influencer and model Quandeel Baloch would have performed and danced way better than her. 

It is not the first time that Humaima Malick has called out someone on social media but, this is the second time she called out Momina Mustehsan on social media. But this time we agree she could be on to something

Social media was at debate after the video of Mustehsan’s unprofessional and weak performance at the 18th Lux Style Awards was out, public was at debate for sides whether Momina deserved to perform or not, as because of her performance the deserving, maybe, were neglected their chance and performing at the prestigious night.

Unlike everyone else, Malick did not shy away from being vocal about her own thoughts about it and posted that comment.


Momina, maybe in retaliation, shared a video of her rap melody from the honors and expressed, That its to ladies making their own chances with flexibility and accepting they’re considerably more than somebody’s view of them. Also, the vast majority of all, owning themselves for whatever they are, proudly. 

However, Humaima called her out giving example of Qandeel as in 2017, Mustehsan had insensitive and negative stances on Qandeel Baloch who was brutally murdered in the name of honor. Being an active advocate of women empowerment she acccused Baloch of only using her body for the fame and publicity she has.

 Momina concluded publically “Qandeel Balouch was not an epitome of women empowerment,” and “If anything, she was portraying the opposite: the only asset a woman has is her body.”

Where clearly she wasn’t playing the best of her roles in being an active women empowerment supporter


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