How to avoid Corona? Ali Gul Pir's Message in Sindhi

How to avoid Corona? Ali Gul Pir's Message in Sindhi

Coronavirus is currently affecting not only Pakistan but the whole world and in this regard, doctors and people are taking responsibility and informing others about this virus.

By making a song on social media, the message appears to protect people against the virus. So someone shared the message of awareness by making handwashing videos.

Similarly, when someone gave the message of cleaning the house, someone called for social distance.

Similarly, Ali Gul Pir, a renowned Pakistani singer, and rapper has also made a video in which he sees the importance of washing people, but interestingly, he conveyed this message to people in Sindhi.

This animated video was produced by Rokhan Studios, whose main character is Ali Gul Pir.

The video shows a man telling the villagers that they can beat Corona only by washing hands, taking social distance and not leaving the house.

Studio Rokhan has previously made a video in the Urdu language in which the Urdu language has been raised in the public regarding Coronavirus.


Ali gul pir Coronavirus in pakistan

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