"How Many Lives Will You Take and When Will You Understand?", Saba Qamar Erupted of Depression

"How Many Lives Will You Take and When Will You Understand?", Saba Qamar Erupted of Depression

Saba Qamar's YouTube channel, which in some cases shows the embodiment of delicate and in some cases satire, will presently discuss issues that are significant and genuine for our general public.

In a video secret discharged via web-based networking media, he talked transparently about the issue of melancholy and stated, "What number of more lives will be taken?"

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Anam Tanoli, Roshan Farrukh, Qaratul Ain Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, and countless others like him, whose hearts were probably very sensitive.

Sabr Qamar said, "When will we finally consider a human being as a human being? Why do we talk about someone's face and when there is no defect in the face, we target the biography? Why do we consider others as inferior, inferior?" Someone's status, sometimes someone's voice, sometimes someone's existence is mocked.

Raising questions, Saba Qamar says, "Have you ever thought that one sentence, one sentence, one troll can ruin someone's life?" He further said that why do we intrude into the personal lives of the people, consider others as our fiefdoms, and utter thoughtless sentences that come to mind.

She says how easily we remind people of the times, we have no right to say something to someone why make a beautiful life difficult, everything else is clear, why no one is hurt. In the video, Saba Qamar says that we all understand the rest of the diseases but this is depression! Why don't we take mental issues seriously? Psycho, Malang, crazy names, why not try to help them.

Reminding that he has been studying since childhood, he said, "Do not compare anyone with anyone, do not look with hatred, do not despise anyone, do not misrepresent anyone but do not act because maybe there is a lack of upbringing." At the same time, he asked why we teach children lessons based on hatred and then cry that children do not respect when the seeds of hatred are sown, where will the flowers bloom?

At the end of the video, he gave the message, "God, stop this spectacle, make life easier, and how many lives will be lost and when will you understand?" He said that whether they are children or adults, let them make their own decisions, give them love, teach them to love others, tell them that cursing others, cursing, lying is not a sign of a high-ranking person.


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