How is Jennifer Lopez so fit and successful at the age of 50?

How is Jennifer Lopez so fit and successful at the age of 50?

Posted on Mar 18, 2020

American singer, musician, dancer, fashion designer, and writer Jennifer Lopez, also affectionately, looks like a teenager and a young girl in her middle age.

But how successful are they, despite being 50 years old? In this regard, he himself spoke in an interview.

In an interview with Elle magazine, Jennifer Lopez said, "I wish I knew a lot more about being 50 years old when I was young, when I was 20, I remember thinking. Was that after the 50's everything was gone.

He added, "Today I have a lot of experience. If I use this experience, it will benefit me a lot. Women are told that after a lifetime it is difficult to achieve success but I have to know What actually happens is the opposite. '


The actress started her career in 1991, Photo: Instagram
Considering that Jennifer Lopez is still very fit and counted among the successful stars, the age of 50 is the only number for Jennifer Lopez.

The actress and singer added, 'Stop asking yourself what I would look like, but think what I have to do next because you can, I had no one to explain to me'.

He advised women that 'if you work hard and keep moving, you will definitely be physically, mentally and emotionally strong'.

It is to be noted that at present the whole world is in danger of coronavirus, while in all countries people have been instructed to stay at home.


She has made many bold performances in her career, photo: Instagram
Jennifer Lopez has also been locked in her home at times, but she is happy to spend time with her children.

In this regard, he said, "Even if you are healthy and at home, a lot can be done."

"Nobody wanted it to happen, but now it is happening, then they can also be taken advantage of, try to work from home," he said.

According to Jennifer Lopez, 'My children are also working from home, for me, it is better that you have the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones'.

It is thought that the first case of the Coronavirus came to the United States on February 29, and in the last 15 days, the number of Corona cases has risen sharply after Europe, after which the US President has imposed a national emergency. There, Donald Trump also announced a Day of Prayer to prevent the virus.

The United States has canceled flights due to precautionary measures, as well as the cancellation of several music festivals, sports contests, health and business seminars and film exhibitions across the country.

The Coronavirus engulfed all of the United States in just 18 days, and by the morning of March 18, the number of Corona patients had risen to 6,000 and the death toll had risen to 110. Was


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