How did the lockdown change the lives of Pakistani youth?

How did the lockdown change the lives of Pakistani youth?

Posted on May 12, 2020

The Corona virus epidemic has changed our lifestyles. Everyone is trying to adapt to this new lifestyle and in this endeavor everyone is facing different kinds of problems.

If someone finds it difficult to do office work from home, then someone is wondering whether to call the employees working in their home or not.

In this age of social distance where one is spending his days and nights in another city alone away from his home and loved ones, one is now feeling bored by spending time at home with his family all the time.

The BBC has spoken to a few people who are facing this kind of dilemma and trying to find out how they are coping.

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These people may have some helpful tips for you too. So let's see what they have to say:

How are you taking care of your employees?
Haris bin Saqib, a resident of Rawalpindi who works in the tourism sector, says he has four employees at home, including a financier, a driver, a waitress and a cleaning lady. But as soon as the corona virus came, he was stopped from coming to work, but he was assured of a job.

Harith bin Saqib told us: 'Now we have to do all the work ourselves to protect others and ourselves. Now you have to get up in the morning and check the motor, you have to fetch water from outside, you also have to fetch daily necessities from outside.

"We told the employees why they were asked to stay home and assured them that they would be taken care of," he said.

"I expected from day one that Corona would stay for a long time and things would change, so we sent the employees on leave and also gave them rations to help them financially."


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