Hira Mani's Speaking Style is a New Version of 'British Asian.'

Hira Mani's Speaking Style is a New Version of 'British Asian.'

Posted on Aug 22, 2022

Hira Mani, an actress and singer, came under fire when a clip of her interview with the BBC Asian Network went viral, and people took issue with how she spoke in English.

Hira Mani is currently in the UK with her husband, where she performed at an Independence Day event and was criticised after her videos went viral.

Now she shared clips of his participation in the 'BBC Birmingham' podcast, which went viral, and people criticised him for his English speaking style.

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She participated in Pakistani-origin Noureen Khan's podcast, where she spoke more in Urdu than English.

Hira Mani shared clips of the podcast on her Instagram account, in which she answered a question in a British English accent, telling the host that her country is in Asia and that most of her followers speak and understand Hindi and Urdu, so she speaks mostly in Urdu.

In the program, speaking in a unique English accent, she said that she wants to speak English, but since she belongs to an Asian country, where Hindus and Urdu are spoken and understood, she has to use Urdu to connect with her fans.

In the program, apart from uniquely speaking English, she also spoke Urdu with an English accent and, at the same time, praised the host Noreen Khan's Urdu spoken in an English accent.

Her husband also participated in the podcast and spoke in Urdu there.

After a video of Hira Mani uniquely speaking English went viral, she was criticised for her accent, with some calling her accent a new version of 'British Asian'.

Many people described Hira Mani's English accent as artificial and useless, and people tweeted that they don't know why the actress always likes to show herself.

Some fans described her accent as a new version of Ahsan Khan's 'British Asian' accent.

It should be noted that the clip of Ahsan Khan talking to a reporter in British English a few years ago went viral in April this year, on which he also made an Instagram video.

In the said video, Ahsan Khan was seen saying in English that 'he is a British Asian person and he lives and works here and there i.e. UK and Pakistan'.

Ahsan Khan's video was mocked and now Hira Mani's video is also being mocked.

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