Hira Mani Robbed Outside Her House - CCTV Video Leaked

Hira Mani Robbed Outside Her House - CCTV Video Leaked

Actress Hira Mani who became popular with dramas like 'Do Bol' and 'Kashf', her mobile phone was looted outside her house.

Yesterday, actress Hira Mani shared a CCTV video in the stories shared on Instagram. In the CCTV video, it can be seen that Hira Mani's car comes and stops outside his house, his eldest son comes out of the car and rings the doorbell.

The video shows Hira Mani's youngest son getting out of the car. However, as soon as his youngest son gets out of the car, a motorbike comes to a stop behind him, which snatches his mobile phone from him and escapes, while another motorcyclist also stops by the car, but after a while he too Then he escapes.

"Ibrahim (the youngest son of the actress) was the right reason to divert the attention of the thieves," Hira Mani wrote in a story.

He later shared on Instagram the lyrics of his play 'Do Bol' about the snatching of a mobile phone. Sharing a photo on Instagram, Hira Mani wrote, "Go, I'm sorry, my phone snatcher." Since this video of Hira Mani went viral, fans have been expressing serious concern about the safety of the actress.


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