Hina Altaf's Appeal to Donate Sanitary Pads for Flood Affected Women

Hina Altaf's Appeal to Donate Sanitary Pads for Flood Affected Women

Posted on Aug 30, 2022

After the flood disasters across Pakistan, important personalities, including welfare organizations, have started relief operations, and in this regard, many showbiz personalities are also busy collecting funds.

Actress Hina Altaf has also started collecting donations for the flood victims, and at the same time, she has appealed to the public to come forward to help the victims.

Sharing a short video on Instagram, the actress suggested that instead of providing food preparation items, it is better to give ready-made food to the victims. Due to the floods, the victims cannot even prepare food. 

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In the video, she appealed to the people to donate to welfare organizations; they should not think they have nothing to contribute. Even a mere 100 rupees given by them is huge at this time. 

In the video, Hina Altaf appealed to the fans and added that while submitting donations to charitable organizations, they should also donate items used by women.

She also appealed to the public to donate sanitary pads for women and pampers for children to charity organizations, as the flood-affected children are forced to live in very poor conditions.

The actress appealed to fans if they have even an extra empty water bottle at home to donate, as even that would make a big difference.


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