Hero Feeling Hesitation to kiss

Hero Feeling Hesitation to kiss

Usually the movies and the plays that are seen on the TV screen are appealing to the audience, though people do not know how difficult it is to shoot these projects.

Usually, the stars appear in their interviews to point out that if anything is the most difficult to shoot, it is to shoot a romance scene, such scenes on the screen are actually very difficult to shoot. An actor and singer from Hong Kong spoke about this in an interview in the past, but now his interview has reappeared.

The actor, Calvin Cowan, told an interview during a show that he had to kiss a fellow actress for a program a few years ago, but it was very difficult for him to shoot the scene, which was because of his The fellow actress smelled of mouth.

The actor said in his interview: "I will not name, but my fellow actress probably ate fast food, which was immediately after we shot, during which I had to kiss her, though her mouth smelled bad." He also said that after stopping Sean, he also brought a toothbrush to the actress from a nearby store so that he could have a shot at him.

Kevin Keane

However, the fans on the show felt that the actors were making up a false story just for the sake of the audience. On this, Kevin said, 'I love cleaning and still walking around with a cleaning brush'. Kevin Keane did not say the actress' name, however, pointing out that her name resembles a food item.

Another co-star on the show, Leslie Cheung, told Kevin to keep quiet and not give fans full information.

After that, Kevin laughs that the actress is none other than Leslie, however it was a lie because Leslie said on the occasion that she was preventing Kevin from being named because the actress who spoke He is also a close friend of his.

Following this interview, the actor's fans began searching for details of each of his projects in the past, after which it was revealed that he was actress Evelyn Choi. Evelyn Choi, a Hong Kong-based actress, worked with Kevin Kean on a project in which she became his girlfriend.

Evelyn Chow also confirmed that Kevin Kean was speaking for her in his interview but also expressed her disapproval. In an interview, actress Evelyn Choi said, "It sounds funny to hear, but people forget that mentioning such incidents can ruin one's career."



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