Hareem Shah wants to make Tik Tok videos with US president Trump

Hareem Shah wants to make Tik Tok videos with US president Trump

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

Hareem Shah, the controversial star known as the video-sharing app Tik Tok, has made Tik Tok videos with several prominent politicians but has now expressed his desire to make a video with US President Donald Trump.
Hareem Shah expressed this desire in a tweet on the social networking website Twitter.
He wrote, "Hello Donald Trump, I am a TikTok-star, I am from Pakistan. Are you interested in making a Tik Tok video with me?"

The US president did not respond to Hareem Shah's tweet, though he was subjected to severe criticism from consumers.

One user wrote, 'Please do not name Pakistan'
A user named Ali Hassan wrote that 'one joker is inviting another clown'.

While a user named Aliya advised Hareem Shah to make a Tik Tok video with the Coronavirus.

It may be recalled that recently, Hareem Shah had revealed in a tweet that he was offered by a reputed channel to host the Ramadan transmission.

In his tweet, he wrote, "A leading TV channel contacted me and offered to host the Ramadan transmission of the year 2020. Do you want to see me hosting the Ramadan transmission?"

It should be noted that Hareem Shah, who has been followed by thousands of users on Instagram, has shared a number of celebrity tweeting videos.

He got popularity this year when a video of him came along with Punjab provincial minister Fayyazul Hassan Chauhan.

Later, Hareem Shah and his friend Sandal Khattak appeared in the news when prominent anchor Mubashir Luqman accused the two women of stepping into their private ship without permission and stealing valuables.

Following this, videos were also surfaced in the room allocated for the Foreign and Higher Meetings of the office of Hareem Shah, after which he was subjected to severe criticism on social media.

After that, Hareem Shah also apologized for sitting on Prime Minister Imran Khan's chair through a video.


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