'Halima Sultan' Was Made a Star by Pakistanis, Yasir Hussain

'Halima Sultan' Was Made a Star by Pakistanis, Yasir Hussain

Actor Yasir Hussain has once again opposed the appointment of Turkish actor Esra Bilgic as an ambassador of any Pakistani brand, saying that he was made a star by Pakistanis. Yasir Hussain became the first showbiz figure to criticize Turkish actress Esra Bilgic a few days ago for being appointed ambassador by the Pakistani mobile queue.

Q-Mobile announced the appointment of Esra Bilgic as its ambassador on July 12, after which Yasir Hussain criticized the decision. Yasir Hussain also opposed the airing of Esra Bilgic's play Ertugrul Ghazi on Pakistan Television (PTV). Yasir Hussain had raised questions in his Instagram stories after Esra Bilgic was appointed as Q-Mobile's ambassador that no Pakistani actress was qualified to be appointed as an ambassador.

Yasir Hussain had asked the fans whether they think that the ambassador of the Pakistani brand should be a Pakistani actress. Neither Indian nor Turkish, he also raised the slogan of Pakistan Zindabad. In another story, Yasir Hussain wrote that whether Mahra, Saba, Sonia, Manal, Ayman, Amr Zara, Haniya, Sana, Yemen, Armina, Sara and Hira, none of them is worthy of being an ambassador of a Pakistani brand.

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Even though I’m still pro about International artists working here just like all other industries sell international products here, however, I clearly see his point on respect and actively making our industry better. Don’t think he’s against artists or brands per se but surely pro an industry that uplifts ‘its own’ to a Calibre that we too can work with international artists shoulder to shoulder instead of being considered less talented, smaller stars etc. Makes sense. Please respect your artists, today if you think Pakistani’s dramas are not up to par, YOU have the power to demand better work. And of course, if artists had more respect in their profession in this country we’d definitely see better work, bigger stars and a lot more talent. People constantly pull them down. It’s a bit unfair. Meanwhile, it’s the work of our channels and Govt to help us raise our standards. Better writer with bigger stories is the need of the hour. An industry needs to stay afloat and stable for it to develop wholly. Turkey, Korea, Germany etc are just some examples.

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Yasir Hussain once again chanted the slogan "Pakistan Zindabad" and urged the fans to support Pakistani actors. At the same time, Yasir Hussain had explained in his stories that he did not write the name of his wife Iqra Aziz because he is already an ambassador of a mobile brand. Yasir Hussain was also agreed upon by a few other personalities including Ayman and Manal Khan, but later other showbiz personalities including Ayesha Umar, Agha Ali, Ejaz Aslam and Bilal Ashraf later supported Esra Bilgic as the ambassador of Pakistani mobile brand.

But now, once again, Yasir Hussain has opposed the appointment of Esra Bilgic as a possible ambassador of another brand, saying that it is better than a Turkish actress to appoint a Hollywood actress as an ambassador of Pakistani brands. Talking to model Anusha Ashraf in an Instagram chat, Yasir Hussain also spoke about being criticized after opposing Esra Bilgic and said that he did not mind anyone's words.

Yasir Hussain said that just as he did not like the words of his critics, so should those who were angry with his words. Yasir Hussain said that just as international players in the Indian Premier League (IPL) benefit local cricketers in India, so should Pakistani brands appoint ambassadors who can benefit us. During his talk, Yasir Hussain said that he wanted to see a local actress, the brand ambassador of Pakistan Super League (PSL) cricket team.

When Yasir Hussain was told that international players also play in PSL teams, why object to appointing an international actress as an ambassador? To this Yasir Hussain replied that the international players who come to PSL benefit our cricketers, our cricketers learn from them. He further said that we Pakistanis have made Esra Bilgic 'Halima Sultan' a star.


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