Hadiqa Kiani Pays Homage to Kashmiri Martyrs With Turkish Singers

Hadiqa Kiani Pays Homage to Kashmiri Martyrs With Turkish Singers

Leading singer-songwriter Hadiqa Kiani sang along with Turkish singers Ali Tolga Demirtas and Torgi Averin to pay tribute to the 1931 martyrs of occupied Kashmir. Hadiqa Kiani worked with Turkish singers on the Kashmir Savitas, an organization called Kashmir Savitas, which killed 22 people martyred in Kashmir by the Hindu king on July 13, 1931, and on July 15, 2016, thwarted a military coup in Turkey. Released a song to pay tribute to the donors.

The duration of the song is less than 4 minutes in which videos and pictures of atrocities of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir are also shown. The video of the song also shows the presidents of Turkey and Azad Kashmir, including Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Ali, while popular leaders of Occupied Kashmir are also seen in the song.

The song was released in Turkish and Kashmiri, which became popular as soon as we saw it. The song was also shared on social media sites including Kashmir Savitas website and YouTube. It might be reviewed that on July 13, 1931, the military of the Dogra Maharaja of Kashmir martyred 22 Kashmiri young people in a steady progression outside the Srinagar Central Jail during a court procedure against an adolescent named Abdul Qadir.

On July 13, 1931, at the time of Zuhr prayers, a young man started giving the call to prayer. He was shot dead by the soldiers of the Dogra Maharaja, but the call to prayer continued and 22 young men sacrificed their lives till the call to prayer was completed. Since then, every year on July 13, special events and demonstrations are organized in Pakistan, including Kashmir, to pay homage to the sacrifices of the martyrs of 1931.


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