Hadiqa Kayani's Song About Occupied Kashmir Re-released After Being Removed From Youtube

Hadiqa Kayani's Song About Occupied Kashmir Re-released After Being Removed From Youtube

Posted on Jul 20, 2020

YouTube has re-released the removed songs of well-known singer and musician Hadiqa Kiani and Turkish singers Ali Tolga Demirtas and Torgi Euren. Initially, the songs of Hadiqa Kiani and Turkish singers were released on July 13 on an organization called 'Kashmir Savitas' and Hadiqa Kiani's YouTube channel. But a few hours later, the YouTube administration removed the songs from both channels, which was also reported by Hadiqa Kiani.

YouTube had claimed that the video had been removed from Hadiqa Kiani's channel under copyright, while the removal of the video from the Kashmiri Sevitas channel had resulted in a message that the video had been privatized. The song was released by Hadiqa Kiani along with Turkish singers with the help of an organization called 'Kashmir Savitas' to pay homage to the martyrs, including 22 people who were martyred in Kashmir by the Dogra king on July 13, 1931. And those who lost their lives in thwarting a military coup in Turkey on July 15, 2016.

The duration of the song is less than 4 minutes in which videos and pictures of atrocities of Indian forces in occupied Kashmir were also presented. The video also included glimpses of Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Arif Alvi and the presidents of Turkey and Azad Kashmir, while the song also featured popular leaders of Occupied Kashmir who were at the forefront of the struggle for independence of Kashmir.

The song was released in Turkish, Urdu and Kashmiri, which became popular as soon as we saw it. After the song was removed from YouTube, Hadiqa Kiani had said that Kashmiri Savitas was in talks with the YouTube administration and would inform the fans as soon as the song was re-released.

Now the song has been released by YouTube and it was also reported by Hadiqa Kiani through her post. But this time the video of the song released on YouTube deleted the scenes of Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir. The video no longer depicts scenes of Indian military violence against women, children and unarmed people of occupied Kashmir as before. The new video now shows some pictures of the failed military coup by the Turkish army on July 15, 2016, including beautiful scenes of occupied Kashmir.

The new video includes pictures of the protests of the unarmed people of Occupied Kashmir, but now the atrocities of the Indian Army have been removed from the video.


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