Hackers Hacked Frieha Altaf's Whatsapp Number and Sent Messages to People

Hackers Hacked Frieha Altaf's Whatsapp Number and Sent Messages to People

The hackers hacked the WhatsApp number of the former model, fashion designer, public relations (PR) personality, and social leader Frieha Altaf and sent inappropriate messages to her friends and acquaintances. Frieha Altaf tweeted on January 11 that her WhatsApp number had been hacked and that hackers had sent messages to several of her acquaintances.

Frieha Altaf said in her two tweets that it is a matter of great concern for her that her WhatsApp number was hacked and messages were sent to her friends. She asked users and friends to call and confirm any inappropriate message they received from a close friend. At the same time, she instructed the fans and friends that if you ever get a message from a close friend's number that they have received a code, send it to them, but do not send the received code to a friend.

According to Fariha Altaf, her WhatsApp number was hacked for doing so. However, Frieha Altaf later said in another tweet on January 12 that her WhatsApp number has been restored. However, she also expressed anger over the hacking of her number. Speaking to Dawn Images, Frieha Altaf said that she was actually exchanging WhatsApp messages with a friend in Dubai when she received a code from a number and a friend in Dubai asked for the code.

According to Frieha Altaf, when she sent the code to her friend, her number was also hacked, and later she found out that in fact her friend's number had also been hacked. Frieha Altaf conveyed the message that no one should provide the code to his close relatives and friends and if it is necessary to do so, call first and confirm it. She said that the purpose of hackers is to get data and blackmail people.

According to Fareeha Altaf, the hackers also sent messages to her friends and when they found out, they installed WhatsApp on another phone and shared the story that her number has been hacked and people look at the messages received from her number. Be careful with them. Before Frieha Altaf, WhatsApp numbers of other showbiz, political and social personalities including social leader Jibran Nasir have also been hacked, however, they were restored soon.

Similarly, the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of most of the personalities have been hacked in the past but they were soon restored.


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