Ghana Ali Got Married Simply on May 16

Ghana Ali Got Married Simply on May 16

Posted on May 17, 2021

Actress Ghana Ali, who has acted brilliantly in dramas like 'Ishqaway, Besharam, Be Inteha, Sun Yara, Kabhi Band Kabhi Baja, Kyunke Ishq Baraye Farokht Nahi, Dil Ruba and Saraab', quietly started a new life. 

The actress, who showed the essence in the films 'Rangreza, Kaaf Kangana and Maan Jao Na', told her fans the good news of the beginning of a new life as Eid passed. Ghana Ali shared a photo of herself in a wedding dress on Instagram on May 16, thanking God and telling fans that she had started a new life.

The actress can be seen wearing henna on her hands in the photo, however, she did not tell the fans clearly about marriage or engagement. She also shared congratulatory posts on various social media pages in his Instagram stories, in which he was congratulated on his marriage.

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Short videos and photos of the actress also went viral on various social media pages and the actress was congratulated on her new life as well as her marriage. Some pages claim that after Ghana Ali got married simply on May 16, a short wedding ceremony was held for close relatives and friends. Although the actress was also congratulated on her marriage on social media pages and the actress shared the congratulatory posts in her Instagram stories, neither the actress nor the actress herself posted on any social media page.

It is not clear if the actress is engaged or married and it is not clear who the actress's spouse is. However, there are reports that Ghana Ali is married to someone from outside the showbiz industry and the actress will explain this soon, however, it is too early to say how long the actress will introduce fans to her spouse.

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After the photos and videos of the actress's new life came to light, while fans congratulated her, showbiz personalities also congratulated her on starting a new life.


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