Frieha Altaf's Video to Talk About 'Harassment' Goes Viral

Frieha Altaf's Video to Talk About 'Harassment' Goes Viral

An old video of the former well-known model, fashion designer, and public relations (PR) personality and social leader Frieha Altaf is going viral on social media, in which she is seen telling the story of a horrific incident that happened to her at a young age. Frieha Altaf's video that went viral is actually a two-year-old video, but when her video was recently re-shared on social media, it went viral.

Two years ago, Frieha Altaf spoke openly with Fareeha Syed on A Plus TV's morning show about the issue of sexual harassment at the age of six. Frieha Altaf had said that when her parents went to Japan to attend an expo in 1970, they left her with her cousins, where she was sexually harassed by a cousin's employee.

Frieha Altaf said she was 6 years old at the time and a cousin's employee took advantage of her by seeing her alone at home and continued to misbehave with her until her parents returned for two weeks. The former model and fashion designer had said that despite the arrival of her parents two weeks later, her cousins ​​continued to harass her, but later she dared to inform her mother about the incident.

Frieha Altaf had said that after her mother was informed, her parents had handed over the said employee to the police and after her parents took action, her neighbors did the same to an employee. Because he was doing the same thing with a girl there. According to Frieha Altaf, the incident had made her mother and her mother depressed, but she remained silent for many years.

The model and fashion designer said that she later moved to Canada, where she got married but failed, as her husband also abused her. According to Frieha Altaf, they had two children, but before the divorce, she spoke to her mother and said that she tolerated her husband's mistreatment and violence because she felt that after the incident in her childhood, maybe It is their duty to endure mistreatment and violence.

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The social leader said that his mother also understood his point because she was upset for many years with the unfortunate incident that happened to her as a child and her mother was also upset because of the incident that happened to her. Frieha Altaf said that in Pakistani society, parents are also silent about the inappropriate incidents that happen to their children and especially girls, due to which those incidents also affect their mental health and then hide mental problems. Goes

Frieha Altaf had also said that in childhood, domestic workers, tutors, step-parents, and close relatives often misbehave with girls. Prior to the program, Frieha Altaf had also mentioned the incident in a tweet on January 14, 2018, and revealed that she was sexually harassed by a domestic worker at the age of six. The 2-year-old video of Frieha Altaf telling the story of being sexually harassed at an early age is now being shared again on social media and many people are also expressing sympathy with the former model.


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