Food Prices Reach the Highest level in the Country

Food Prices Reach the Highest level in the Country

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

DHAKA: Bangladesh has decided to import onion by air as food prices reach the highest level in the country.

In Bangladesh, onion prices have risen so much that Prime Minister Hasina Wajid has been forced to cut her menu.

According to a report by the French news agency AFP, during the recent monsoon season in India, onion crop was severely damaged and production was below normal, which forced the export of neighboring countries.

Onion prices are a sensitive issue in South Asia, where shortages can cause widespread dissatisfaction and political problems, and keeping exports to Bangladesh has increased its price consciousness.

It is important to note that most important vegetables in Bangladesh are usually available at a maximum price of 30 Taka (55 Pakistani rupees) per kg, but since the ban, prices have risen to Tk 260 (Rs 476) per kg.

In this regard, Hasina Zahid Tushar, deputy press secretary of Hasina Wajid, said that onions are being imported through air transport and the Prime Minister has stopped using onions in his food.

He further said that "no onion was consumed at the Prime Minister's residence in Dhaka on Saturday."

On the other hand, according to Bangladeshi media, several shipment of onions have arrived at Chittagong Airport, which has been called from Myanmar, Turkey, China, and Egypt after public outcry.

In addition, onions were also sold at a discounted rate by the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), a state-owned trading corporation in Dhaka.

For which hundreds of people appeared in queues to buy low-priced vegetables, but there was a dispute among some.




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