Flight is being arranged for Pakistanis stranded in Thailand

Flight is being arranged for Pakistanis stranded in Thailand

Posted on Apr 14, 2020

Famous Pakistani actors Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Sara Loren, and Shamoon Abbasi have been trapped in Thailand along with their team for the past 2 weeks due to the virus and now they are finally ready to return home.

All these actors along with their team were busy shooting the film 'Ishrat Made in China' in Thailand, but after returning from Pakistan due to the lockdown and flights suspended in several countries due to the Coronavirus, it did not return to Pakistan.

But now they will return to Pakistan soon.

Actress Sara Loren announced the news on social networking site Twitter.
"For at least 20 days we have not received any information regarding flights, people have been in contact but no confirmation is being made regarding flights," said Sarah Loren.

The actress added, "Last night we were told that a flight is being arranged for Pakistanis stranded in Thailand who will arrive here on April 14".

Actor Shamoon Abbasi also thanked the contributors for sharing the news.

It should be remembered that actors Mohib Mirza and Shamoon Abbasi had appealed to the government to bring them back from Thailand to Pakistan immediately as they did not have enough resources to spend more days there.

In one of his videos, Mohib Mirza said, "We are in a Thai area about 3 hours from Bangkok. Since we finished shooting our film here, we are waiting to come back to Pakistan." Yes, we are staying in a hotel for a few more days and 21 people will find it difficult to stay longer.

It is to be noted that the release of 'Ishrat Made in China', directed by Mohib Mirza, is expected this year.


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