Firdous Jamal has described why he called Mahira Khan as a bad actress

Firdous Jamal has described why he called Mahira Khan as a bad actress

Posted on Jan 20, 2020

Senior Pakistani actor Firdous Jamal has described Mahira Khan as a bad actress.

In July last year, actress Firdous Jamal's statement regarding Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan said that Mahira Khan should play the role of a mother rather than heroin and she may be model but she is not a good actress nor heroin media. Had made the dispute over.

Firdous Jamal's statement regarding Mahira Khan was strongly criticized by the fans, where even a large media house banned him. However, now during a recent interview, Firdous Jamal explained his statement.

Firdous Jamal said that technically nobody sees things, so when I talk technically, people are upset. I also talked about the acting of Mahira Khan, which was a technicality and people were upset. Although I have no personal enmity with any of them, nor do I ever know them in Mullahs with a lady named Mahira Khan, just so she knows she lives in Karachi.

Firdous Jamal said, "I have never worked with Mahira Khan nor have met in person so when I was asked about them, I said that Mahira Khan is a star but she is not an actress, yes the models are good." Models are always concerned about their beauty because good looks are part of their work, models represent products and they do not play any role. Models are salesmen and women.
Firdous Jamal said that Mahira Khan's background is for modelling, so as I said, her performance shows that whatever method and technique she adopts is used in modelling. Models are always concerned about the lighting, makeup and their hair, while the actors do not have to worry about these things. Acting means self-denial while modelling means being good at yourself.

Firdous Jamal said that popular stars are given more priority in Pakistan. People want to see those they love and so is Khan. It should be noted that during the interview, Firdous Jamal did not comment on the statement regarding Khan's age.


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