Film or Reality, No One is Perfect, Alia Bhatt

Film or Reality, No One is Perfect, Alia Bhatt

Posted on Oct 6, 2022

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt says that women need to understand what they are; they don't need to change themselves according to someone else's rules.

The actress recently received the Times Magazine Impact Award held in Singapore. During the event, she also addressed the event, highlights of which she shared on Instagram, writing in her post, "So much for women these days." Rules are made, such as women not to speak loudly, not to look too fat and weak, to be ambitious but not overreach, and to be confident but not arrogant.

She wrote in the post that there are many rules like the above which are attached to women knowingly or unknowingly, in such a way we ignore our flaws, which is impossible because it is only in stories. I can only do it.

She emphasised that the flaws in our personality make us identify with ourselves.

Continuing her speech, she said that she is against this thinking of society; she said that in the last ten years, she has come to know that it is not always necessary to be perfect, sometimes it is boring, but in fact, it is our Flaws are what introduces us to ourselves.

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She said that through her films and characters, she has brought out people with flaws because, in the end, these flaws bring life to an ordinary character.

She said that I want to tell her that by believing in ourselves, our personality can become an inspiration to others.

Be who you are on screen and off screen, be it film or life; we don't have to be perfect; the ups and downs of our lives are our reality, the Darling actress added.


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