Feroze Khan meets Turkish actor Jalal All

Feroze Khan meets Turkish actor Jalal All

Posted on Jan 11, 2021

Actor Feroze Khan, who recently announced his return to Showbiz after quitting Showbiz, has met visiting Turkish actor Jalal All. Jalal All arrived in Pakistan on January 7 with Turkish film and drama maker Kamal Takdan and others.

After arriving in Pakistan, Jalal All met Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed and also met the Prime Minister on January 8. During the meeting with the Prime Minister, the two countries also discussed the upcoming play 'Turk Lala'. The Prime Minister assured the Turkish delegation that the Government of Pakistan would extend all possible assistance in the preparation of 'Turk Lala' to be made under the joint production companies of the two countries.

After meeting the Prime Minister, Jalal All shared a photo taken in the room with the Turkish and Pakistani flags, including the Pakistani and Kashmiri flags, on Instagram and sent a message of love for Pakistanis in Urdu. Actor Feroze Khan wrote a message of love for Jalal All and expressed his desire to meet him and sent a message to the Turkish actor that if he needed anything, he could contact him.

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Jalal All also responded to Feroze Khan's comments and accepted his invitation to meet him and said that he would contact him. And now actor Feroze Khan has met Jalal Al, the actor of Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi.

In a post shared on his Instagram account, Feroze Khan shared a photo with actor Jalal All and talked about meeting him.

Actor Feroze Khan wrote in his post that he was very happy to see Jalal All in Pakistan. He wrote that he would ask his fans to show the same love for the Turkish actor that the Turks gave to Pakistan and Pakistani sisters and brothers. Is from "Thank you very much for your invaluable gifts and love, Jalal," he added. Actor Jalal All also commented on his post and said that the gift I have given is more than a gift, you deserve it.

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Jalal All added that inshallah you will serve humanity, Islam, culture, art, and the people of Turkey-Pakistan as much as possible. In addition, Jalal All shared a photo with Feroze Khan in his Instagram story and said that he met the actor in Karachi.


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