Feroze Khan Filed a New Petition Against Aliza Sultan

Feroze Khan Filed a New Petition Against Aliza Sultan

Posted on Nov 2, 2022

Actor Feroze Khan filed a new petition against ex-wife Aliza Sultan for misleading the court, on which the court summoned the parties for arguments at the next hearing.

Two separate cases between Aliza Sultan and Feroze Khan regarding the child's extradition and their expenses are pending in the Family Court, after which Feroze Khan filed a fresh application for hearing on November 1.

Speaking to the media after the hearing, Feroze Khan's lawyer Faiq Jagirani said that he had filed a new application in the court, on which he has been summoned to give arguments at the next hearing.

According to court reporters' YouTube channel '4 News Online', after the hearing, Aliza Sultan's lawyer Qaim Shah said that the court objected to Feroz Khan's request and summoned his lawyer for arguments at the next hearing. The actor's lawyer will prove in the court how Aliza Sultan misled the court.

Talking to the media, the two lawyers said that none of the two ongoing cases related to the extradition of the children and their expenses could proceed today.

The child support case will be heard on November 5, while the extradition case will be heard on November 27.

Aliza Sultan has filed the case of children's expenses. In contrast, Feroze Khan has filed the case of extradition of children, and both cases are in the same court, and during the hearing of both cases, Feroze Khan's lawyer was on November 1. A third application was filed, and the court summoned the lawyers for the next hearing.

During the earlier hearing, Aliza Sultan had submitted police and medical reports of self-torture to the court along with pictures of the torture, after which the pictures of her torture went viral, and showbiz personalities attacked Feroze Khan.

Feroze Khan rejected the allegations against him after being criticized by showbiz personalities. Now, he applied to the court that Aliza Sultan also misled the court by submitting false reports.

However, Aliza Sultan's lawyer said that those who have doubts about the reports of his client should go to the police station and the hospital and check the reports.

In an interview with the media following the hearing, Aliza Sultan's brother indicated that he has several photos of torture but is withholding them out of respect for his sister's privacy. Photos were submitted and are now part of the official record.

It should be noted that Aliza Sultan and Feroze Khan divorced at the beginning of September, and both of them said in social media posts on September 21 that they got divorced on September 3.

The two got married in 2018 and had their first child in 2019, while the couple welcomed their second child earlier this year.

There were reports of differences between the two for the past two years, but after the birth of their second child this year, it was believed that the differences between them had ended, but then in September, both of them confirmed their divorce.


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