Feminist Hoon' Openly Talks About Reactionary Ideas, Armeena khan

Feminist Hoon' Openly Talks About Reactionary Ideas, Armeena khan

Posted on Aug 11, 2022

Pakistani-born British actress Armeena Khan has clarified that she is a 'liberal, feminist, open-minded, moderate and outspoken woman on the outdated and regressive ideas of the society.

The actress recently shared a screenshot of a few users' comments on her Instagram Stories and gave them replies.

The screenshots Armeena Khan shared were taken by different people on her various posts, which the actress shared and expressed her opinion.

The actress shared a screenshot in which a woman taunted her for being Pakistani, calling her outfit bold, vulgar and revealing.


In the said comments, the woman wrote for the Armeena Khan that if she wears body-revealing clothes, be prepared to bear the wrong things that happen to her.

In the above comments, the actress wrote that people are getting to know about the devils from the above comments because if you look at it, the devil also has some rules, but here they are all without rules.

Responding to the comment, she wrote that she recently saw a viral video in which a man molested a burqa-clad woman and is roaming free.

Armina Khan wrote that any wrongdoing is not related to women's clothes but the mindset.

The actress shared a screenshot of another comment in which a user advised her to follow Islamic teachings by covering her body and hiding it from men.


Giving her stand on the above comment, Armina Khan wrote that she is also told that she is a Muslim, then why is she on Instagram?

The actress wrote that she does not understand such things; for example, if someone does not drink, why does he go to a bar?

Armina Khan advised the said fan to become a true Muslim instead of watching and stopping advising others.


Similarly, she answered a user's question by sharing a screenshot.

She shared the user's question that he does not understand why Pakistani actresses become mothers of Indian actresses.

The actress replied to him and wrote that he had talked about the age of women, but unfortunately he did not understand the depth of what was said and also wrote that it is not his fault, because his thinking is so much. There was, as much as they talked.

Finally, she shared another story in which she advised critics that they don't have to follow what they say.


Armeena Khan wrote that she is a liberal, feminist, open-minded, moderate and a woman who speaks openly about the outdated and regressive ideas of society, no matter what she is called.

She wrote that she would continue to express her views and has the right to express them, just as everyone else has the right not to act on what they say.

Armina Khan wrote that most of his words reflect global societies, which contain intolerance.

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