Fawad Khan's First Glimpse Came to Light in 'Miss Marvel'

Fawad Khan's First Glimpse Came to Light in 'Miss Marvel'

The first glimpse of Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan in the fourth episode of the recently released American web series 'Miss Marvel' by 'Marvel Studios added to the anxiety of the fans.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the series since it was confirmed last year that Pakistani actor Fawad Khan will be part of the 'Miss Marvel' series.

Fawad Khan's fans, who have shown the essence of his actions in the Indian film industry, including the Pakistani drama and film industry, became more anxious yesterday when the first glimpse of Fawad Khan's character appeared in the fourth episode of the Miss Marvel series.

Prior to the release, rumours were circulating that Pakistani actors Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat would play important roles in Miss Marvel, who would allegedly be seen playing the role of Miss Marvel Kamala Khan's great-grandfather and great-grandmother.

In the fourth episode of the series released yesterday, the news about Fawad Khan's character turned out to be true. In one scene of the film, the grandmother of the main character Kamala Khan is telling him about her past. Kamala is shown a picture of her grandfather Hassan, which is apparently a black and white photo of Fawad Khan.

Fawad Khan's Black and white picture

The fact that Fawad Khan's name appears in the credits at the end of the fourth episode confirms that this picture is of Fawad Khan.

Although nothing more has been said about Fawad Khan's character (Hassan) at the moment and fans can only see a glimpse of his favourite actor in the Marvel series, it is expected that Fawad Khan will play his role regularly in the next episode. They will be seen bathing.

The screen time that Fawad Khan got in the series cannot be said definitively at the moment but his fans are expressing their happiness over his debut in Fawad Khan's Marvel studio.

One user said that it is only possible for Fawad Khan to make people crazy by showing just a glimpse despite being missing from the screen for four, or five years, this is the real superstar.

Along with a glimpse of Fawad Khan in the fourth episode of the series, the enchanting scenes of Karachi city also increased the interest of the fans, especially the Pakistani viewers in this series.

Apart from Fawad Khan and Mehwish Hayat, the series also features some famous Asian actors including actress Nimrah Bucha and Samina Ahmed.

Meanwhile, Sharmeen Obaid Chaney, one of the four directors of 'Miss Marvel', while talking about her experience of working with Fawad Khan in the series, said, 'Fawad Khan is one of the incredible actors who is versatile. 

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Sharmeen Obaid Chennai further said that "Fawad Khan is really incomparable".


Fawad khan Mehwish hayat Kamala khan

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