After the courageous step taken by Fatima Sohail of publically exposing her husband the eminent singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, under allegations of domestic abuse and violence, the internet was in absolute shock as no one would have ever expected someone from the Pakistani industry to be involved in something this pathetic as abuse on their very wife.

After an episode of concern, support and stand up in Pakistan, people of Pakistan including celebrities have collectively taken a stand to support and help Fatima who has been through a tough time and was a victim of domestic abuse. People have boycotted and blocked Mohsin after seeing his bitter truth. Mohsin indeed is in a crucial situation now and is hated by all because of his harsh acts. The press and media have filed a list of questions and doubts regarding him, that he is bound to answer which is why he held a press conference. The link to the video is present below



The sad thing about all this drama is that Mohsin confronted all the accusations and found loopholes to justify the crime he is evicted of and in the entire interview he smartly did not mention any details whether or not he ever abused or raised a hand on his wife before she was pregnant and after.

But he did completely turn the story around by saying all the accusations are false.

The interviews with Fatima Sohail. After Mohsins press conference, she gave an elaborate interview on Geo TV, countering his response saying that his reply was a lie and that he is messing with people and their minds. Fatima said she did not want to go public with the unpleasant incident of domestic violence initially but now was forced because she wanted financial assistance from him as he was the father of their baby.

She mentioned in her interview

“It is true that I had turned up at his door with our son because I wanted him to assume full responsibility for his child. He had blocked all my numbers and there was no contact between us even when I was in labour. He knew about the expected time of the birth of his son and he had still opted to remain distant, turning a blind eye to all his responsibilities."

Furthermore, she answered all the questions regarding her husband's interview and even mentioned that she went to Nazish Jehangir (the woman accused of adultery with Mohsin) had admitted to being involved with a married man and requested her to leave him alone and not to be a homewrecker to their story.


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