Faryal Mahmood Was Replaced by Sonya Hussyn in the Film Lockdown

Faryal Mahmood Was Replaced by Sonya Hussyn in the Film Lockdown

Posted on Jun 16, 2020

Recently, it was reported that Faryal Mehmood and Gohar Rasheed are busy shooting for their upcoming film Lockdown. Both the actresses had confirmed that the shooting of the film has started, however, they did not say which actor's scenes are being shot in the beginning.

They said that the story of “Lockdown” will be set against the backdrop of Corona's epidemic and the film will show the romance of a couple who are facing troubles and problems due to the epidemic. Both actresses also confirmed that the film would also look at the social problems caused by the Corona epidemic.

However, now the news has come out that Faryal Mehmood was replaced by actress Sonya Hussyn in the film Lockdown because Faryal apologized for working in the film due to personal issues. The director and co-writer of the film, Abu Aleeha, while talking to Dawn, confirmed that now Sonya Hussyn will be seen playing the lead role in the film. Abu Aleeha said that he had cast Faryal Mehmood as the lead actress of the film and things were going well but later Faryal Mehmood withdrew from the film due to some personal reasons.

According to the filmmaker, after Faryal's mutual consent, Sonia Hussain has been cast in her place. According to Abu Aleeha, Faryal Mehmood recently parted ways with the film due to her health issues and busy schedule. On the other hand, Faryal also confirmed that he parted ways with Lockdown due to personal commitments. It is to be noted that the story of the said film has been written by Abida Ahmed and Abu Aleeha while Abu Aleeha is directing the film.

It is not clear when the film will be released, but it is likely to be released by the end of this year. “Lockdown” is likely to be released on the web streaming website Netflix or Amazon.


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