Fans are Angry over Ali Zafar's Corona virus song

Fans are Angry over Ali Zafar's Corona virus song

Posted on Mar 16, 2020

Pakistan's renowned actor and singer Ali Zafar released a song for the Pakistan Super League this month on March 1, after he really 'robbed the festival', after which he also released a song for the Coronavirus last day.

Ali Zafar transformed the famous song 'Ko Ko Korina' into 'Ko Ko Corona', a video of which was shared on social networking site Twitter.

Launching the song, Ali Zafar said, "All humanity is going through a great crisis right now, which we all have to fight together and how to fight it will tell you, brother".

Some of the lyrics of the song were: 'I think a virus is a bit of a drunkard, the devil's yearling inside shy from above. They say,' Listen, this is not nonsense, Coco Corona, washing hands'.

In the song, he messaged fans to avoid shaking hands with people, preferring to stay home rather than go to the crowd.

It is understood that Cod 19 (Novel Corona Virus), launched in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, has spread to about 156 countries around the world and affected more than 565,000 people worldwide.

The global outbreak has so far left at least 6,513 people dead, with the highest number of 3,999 deaths in China's province of Hubei.

In Pakistan too, the number of corona cases has increased to at least 94.

That is why in the context of the current situation, Ali Zafar's song may have failed to win the hearts of the fans to some extent.


Mian Tajamul

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